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Bilingual Nation Mission

“The next day, my students came to class singing the verb songs and Guero's own music too” // Michele Gelzleichter, Spanish Teacher, Ohio 

Available For:

  • Full Concerts


  • In School Presentations


  • Keynotes


  • Conference Presentations


  • Parent Presentations


  • Educator Workshops & Professional Development


  • Festival Performances

With students in Europe and Asia knowing multiple languages before they graduate high school, it’s vital for students in the United States to realize and understand the importance of knowing other languages.  Together, educational writer Tom Alsop, videographer Chuck Hodge and Latin Urban rapper GueroLoco have created a series of DVD’s, Books and Hip Hop Songs to help your students learn another language.   Besides learning materials, Bilingual Nation USA is also available for Live presentations at your school. 


Bilingual Nation brings music, motivation and culture into the classroom to motivate your students to see the benefits of learning another language. We have a full multi-media live presentation using Keynote/Powerpoint presentation, Live music, pictures and videos. 


On the music side we use music that a lot of students can identify with: Hip Hop and Reggaeton.. with a bilingual twist.  The performance consists of educational songs that use rhythm and repetition to help your students with everything from the alfabeto to verb conjugations combined with live performances of GueroLoco’s own bilingual commercial music. 


GueroLoco (Mr. GL) motivates your students with stories of his own struggles to learn Spanish as a second language and the benefits that he’s had in his life because of it.  We also present facts and data about being bilingual.  GL tells comical stories about his own language learning adventures and gives your students real-life scenarios where knowing Spanish has helped him so much in his life. 


Culturally, we talk a lot about stereotypes, the importance of learning about other cultures, as well as a little US, Mexican and Latin American history.  GueroLoco performs to videos from his recent tour in Mexico to show a different side than what most people would think.  We also use worldwide and US data to show them the importance of learning another language. 


Sessions are set to run between 40 and 60 minutes, but can be extended to 90 minutes depending on the type of presentation.  If you need further information to give to your principal or other administrators, please send us an e-mail with what you need and we’ll get that to you as soon as possible.  If you’re ready to schedule a 1 hour, half day or full day session, please e-mail Tom Alsop at to get things started. 


Educational DVD’s, Books, Mp3′s and PDF’s also available

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